LIAHONA DICIEMBRE – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. LIAHONA JULIO THE TESTIMONY WHICH I HAVE GIVEN IS TRUE LUCY MACK SMITH USING THE DECEMBER LIAHONA. SEPTEMBER • VOLUME 32, NUMBER 9. 54The Charted Camping in the wilderness and using the Liahona sounded exciting. Central America. JULIO E. ALVARADO*. FIRST. COUNSELOR. ENRIQUE R. 48 USING THE OCTOBER LIAHONA. ESPECIALLY FOR YOUTH. 8 SPIRITUAL These men, Elder Enrique R. Falabella, Elder Julio E.

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In that sacred setting I heard him say:.

The Sustaining of Church Officers

Previous Next Area Authority Seventies: My brothers and sisters, President Hinckley has requested that I now present to you the General Authorities, Area Authority Seventies, and general auxiliary presidencies of the Church for your sustaining vote. And all Seventies go about building up the Church. It appears that the sustaining has been unanimous in the affirmative.

Now an increasing number of Area Authority Seventies are serving as members of Area Presidencies in the areas where they live. We cannot disregard the divine in the Creation. Photograph of President Juluo by Jed A.

Our Campfire of Faith. The earth was organized to bring forth grass, herbs, trees, and vegetation—each growing from its own seed.


Area Authority Seventies:

Prepare to Meet God. And as part of the planned destiny of the earth and its inhabitants, here our kindred dead are also to be redeemed. Jensen as members of the Presidency of the Seventy. This hope changes the whole perspective of mortal life. Be an Example and a Light. The Shield of Faith. Choose You This Day. See Yourself in the Temple. In our eternal journey, the resurrection is the mighty milepost that signifies the end of mortality and the beginning of immortality.

They will then have a quorum relationship presided over by the Presidents of the Seventy. Groberg, and Richard J. And I have watched as a great sense of brotherhood has developed among the Quorums of the Seventy.

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord: Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission

Luke is the most complete: Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your faith and prayers. Melvin Hammond, and John M. And what of the future? Our temples are living, working testimonies to our faith in the reality of the resurrection.

Resurrection – Dallin H. Oaks

When they are released as Area Authority Seventies, they return to serve in the wards and stakes or branches and districts in which they live. Bywhen Area Authorities became Area Authority Seventies and three additional Quorums of the Seventy were organized, Church membership had liahonw to 10 million, with more than 2, stakes, missions, almost 25, wards and branches, and 56, full-time missionaries. The physical Creation itself was staged through ordered periods of time.


In period three, plant life began. All in favor, please manifest it. They will now have a sense of belonging that they have not experienced up to this time. In that sacred setting I heard him say: The Central America Piahona, for example, is now presided over by three native residents of Guatemala.

Thomas, one of the Twelve, had not been with them when Jesus came. It is proposed that we sustain the other General Authorities, Area Authority Seventies, and general auxiliary presidencies as presently constituted. That growth will ever continue, for prophets from ancient to modern times have prophesied of our day:.

In fact, the Creation—of planet Earth and of life upon it—undergirds all other creative capability. But I would like to stretch our minds to think of things beyond our easy grasp. The Correct Name of the Church. When President Hinckley announced the calling of Area Authorities inChurch membership had reached more than 9 million.