Getting an Image on the Screen. Last Updated 3/18/ Now that you’ve. Extension Libraries and Loading Other Image Formats. Make levels with tiling engines in SDL 2.

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Welcome to LearnProgramming!

Finally we load the map file and return. Here we’ll be implement a camera to scroll levels larger than the screen.

Lesson 23 Advanced Timers. Somebody pointed you to this site and you’ve been playing around with the tutorials. In our main function we initialize SDL and load the image.

Do not talk about what advancements occurred on your game this week.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – Beginning Game Programming v

We declare these near the top of our source file. AMAs If you have a unique perspective on something, we’d love to hear it. Lesson 07 Texture Loading and Rendering.

In your early projects especially your number one goal is to learn, not Cool Ideas. Tutorias made wings out of wax and feathers for him and his son.

The best way to learn to make games is to start making them. Lesson 41 Bitmap Fonts. Lesson 48 Atomic Operations. Lesson 44 Frame Independent Movement.


If we only had a front buffer, we would be able to see the frame as things are being drawn to it which means we would see unfinished frames. Lesson 27 Collision Detection. The output you expected, and what you got instead. The Android Studio Windows set up tutorial is now up!

Here we’ll be taking what we learned about render and handling input to make a dot move around the screen. Download the media and source code for this tutorial here. Since this is a single source file program we don’t have to worry about it too much.

SDL has tutprials timing mechanism called timer callbacks. Here we’ll make an application that has 3 windows. Lesson 38 Particle Engines. Mutexes and conditions are yet another way to synchronize threads.

Lazy Foo’ Productions

The reason is that 1 we’ll be dynamically allocating memory to load images tutorisls 2 it’s better to reference an image by memory location. Also, always remember to initialize your pointers. If your question is similar to one in the FAQ, explain how it’s different. After the wait is done, we close out our program. If you see any posts or comments violating these rules, please report them.


Here we’ll start handling user input by allow the user to X out the window. Do not delete your posts! For a dynamically linked library, these addresses are in the library file. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Is lazy foo an okay resource to learn SDL? : learnprogramming

Next up on the agenda: Read our FAQ page and search old posts before asking your question. See conceptual questions guidelines for more info. While your Cool Idea may be awesomely awesome, the reality of software development is that the bigger the project the more likely you are to make a mistake in the design.

The person posting this is tutirials likely just wanting to play with 2D graphics: Another new feature in SDL 2. Lesson 25 Capping Frame Rate. Again I’d like to thank the donors because they’re the ones that help take care of hosting for the site. This means the SDL tutorials are now feature complete.