Hillary D. Rodham’s senior thesis at Wellesley College, written in , has Clinton White House asked Wellesley College to close off access . Wellesley girls and to give students more freedom in choosing their courses. Hillary Clinton’s political methods were founded on the theories of a s radical about whom she wrote her college thesis in It may tak. For more information on ISDP, see · about/ 7 Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, “Remarks on Internet Freedom,” speech at the Newseum . most opposition activity is driven underground or exiled. .. Ph.D. thesis, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy,

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Hillary Rodham senior thesis

Instead, he, too, used some of Schechter’s recollections. Alinsky himself was not a religious man, though he depended heavily on organized religious constituencies. Like the headband, Hillary abandoned much ogr what influenced her back then.

The old Jewish radical was famous as a community organizer from Chicago’s Back of the Yards, the home of stockyard workers made famous by Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle.

One way of doing this is for progressives to get hlilaryclintonthesis a freedomundergtound in the primaries and, if not successful, have another candidate ready to move into the general election. Yeh, even then she had a way with words. So, those 5 million go back into the pool of the problem uninsured, and we are back to a total of 47 million people who are hhillaryclintonthesis in need of health care coverage.

She noted, however, that he was trying to broaden his reach: Ironically, this is not a disjunctive projection if considered hiillaryclintonthesis the tradition of Western democratic theory. The war goes on just like people go without health care working for a minimum wage that insures a lifetime of poverty. We need to be careful we do not fall hillaryclinyonthesis the trap of allowing these phony politicians the opportunity to hijack real progressivism in the name of political opportunism.

Hillary is socially and personally based in the Sixties, not in its cultural but in its political dimension. A Methodist field trip The teenage Rodham and the year-old Alinsky met, of all places, on a Methodist church outing. Syndicated columnists Jack Anderson and Jan Moller tried to gain access inbut they were rebuffed by both Wellesley and the White House.


We can live with a moderate who has the courage to join with us in advocating the first step towards peace. She interviewed him in Chicago, in Boston and when he accepted her invitation to visit Wellesley.

A decision we all must make. If they were insured they would go to regular clinics and doctors for treatment and — most importantly — preventive care. Here we see the reason she eventually left behind both Alinsky and the Sixties.

He was widely known as a drinker and thought of drugs as counter-culture in a ridiculous way. It was also commonplace. Rodham, Wellesley College class ofhas been speculated about, spun, analyzed, debated, criticized and defended.

But can an academic paper from nearly 40 years ago really unlock the politics and character of any former student, much less the early Democratic front-runner for the White House?

Hillary Clinton’s Thesis about Radical Activist Saul Alinsky

Ford and the House Republican Caucus. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She emulates Alinsky in the seriousness with which she accepts her mission — thus embodying his best teaching — and at the same time she distinguishes herself with her own point of view. She does exactly what Alinsky would have taught her to do — to read, continuously, from experience.

Later that month she became nationally known. Before the toilet flushing escapade ever had a chance to happen, the city council gave in and granted some demands. When not working they choose to play. In her paper, she accepted Alinsky’s view that the problem of the poor isn’t so much a lack of money as a lack of power, as well as his view of federal anti-poverty programs as ineffective.

We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. It had to matter to her that the classes before remained in their seats, not quite sure of what had just happened.


I agree completely with the statement: MO God help us in our day, in Jesus name, amen. Real progressivism is based on a world outlook which holds that all life is sacred and war, in our modern world, is not a solution to local, regional, or international problems. While the work by Rodham as a college student was the subject of much speculation in articles and biographies of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the s, access to the thesis was limited by the college, at the request of the Clinton White House, during her time as first lady.

In her senior year, she was campaigning for the anti-war Democrat Eugene McCarthy.

“There’s Only The Fight .. “An Analysis of the Alinsky Model” -Hillary’s Wellesley Alinsky thesis

Hillary has long been a staunch supporter of legal, abortion on demand, but has teamed up with pro-life leaders to push for an increase in federal funding to promote sexual health awareness. Glenn has a web site.

It was vintage Alinsky, borrowed by a young seminarian. As we search for social influences on the First Lady, we have to begin in this context, in the unique mix of the public and hillaryclintontheais that served as her environment as a young woman.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat New York senatorial election, Democratic Party presidential primaries, campaign endorsements debates convention United States presidential election, campaign endorsements political non-political Democratic primaries debates convention General election debates Hillary Victory Fund. Jones told Donnie Radcliffe in Hillary Clinton: I think she’s very mainstream. That was Barack Obama, now a U.

For a young woman to turn down this extremely macho man, and to stand against him in theory as well as in practice, is astonishing, particularly given the times and her young age.