SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power. Units. • SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Description of the LED states of a CU SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power Units .. CU DP from firmware version with integrated Ethernet interface. ○ Smart Line. Siemens SINAMICS S Manual Online: Control Unit (cu), Description, Safety Information. Control Unit (CU) Description The CU

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The two line-side terminals on each of these devices must be adjusted together. In addition to the technical specifications, the rating plate includes logistical data manufacturer ID, order number, and globally unique ID. DANGER indicates that death or severe personal injury will result if proper precautions are not taken. Caution The cooling clearances of 50 mm above and below the components must be observed.

Line-side fuses are installed for selective protection of the individual Basic Ck320 Modules.

LG CU Manual / User Guide

Help inform others by sharing your experience with LG CU If you fail to contact them immediately, you may lose your right to claim compensation for the defects and damage. These instructions are intended for qualified personnel and only contain information and notes relating to the intended purpose of the machines. The following functions are possible with the BOP: Industrial locations supplied by a medium-voltage network via a separate transformer.

The components’ power unit heat sinks pass through the mounting surface in the control cabinet and can thus dissipate the heat losses of the power circuit to a separate external cooling circuit. NOTICE indicates that an unintended result or situation can occur if the corresponding information is not taken into account. Read all the safety information in the section “Safety information” before carrying out any work on the unit.


The location of the customer terminal blocks of the individual Cabinet Modules is documented in the layout diagrams.

Users can choose from many different harmonized components and functions to create a solution that best meets their requirements. An auxiliary voltage busbar system spanning the individual Cabinet Modules supplies the required auxiliary voltages for the equipment fans and the 24 V DC loads.

LG CU320 Manual / User Guide

If necessary, reattach the protective covers and doors. DANGER When connecting permanently excited synchronous machines, you must ensure that the motor is shut down or electrically isolated option L34 ; otherwise, majual voltage generated can be lethal. Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields generated in operation that can pose a risk to people with a pacemaker, implants or metal replacement joints, etc.

Hazardous shock voltages mznual by, for example: Particularly suitable for multi-axis applications Coordinated drives that carry out a drive and motion task together are used in manuall mechanical and plant engineering applications. Cabinet units must not be disassembled while still on wooden pallets and awaiting transport.

We differentiate between block size and chassis units, which are available in various frame sizes. The plant operator is responsible for taking appropriate measures labels and hazard warnings to adequately protect operating personnel and others against any possible risk.

During operation, this equipment contains rotating and live, bare parts. One jumper connects one busbar system. This option is recommended in particular for Line Modules together with Line Connection Modules since, in this case, the Line Connection Module must be equipped with a pre-charging DC link or line reactors depending on the type of Manjal Modulein addition to the electrical ci320 mounted on a busbar.

Visual acceptance Unit acceptance in presence of customer: Actual customer verification of the license for the software that is subject to license is called a certificate of license. Tariffs of other manuwl providers may differ. Requirements for commissioning 1. Before mounting the side panels on an installed cabinet row, you must remove any jumpers present in the DC busbars of the cabinet on the right. Hacer Una Llamada During A Call Feed the cable for the customer terminal block into the cabinet from the bottom left.

  EN 50173-3 PDF

Feed the signal cables into the cabinet from the bottom left. The open connections that are correspondingly marked must be wired up according to the circuit diagram. The units in blocksize format are optimized for single-axis applications.

EMC requirements and specific test methods. It must not be connected until a thorough high-voltage test has been carried out. The CU DP has the following interfaces ports: How long is the warranty period?

Hacer Una Segunda Llamada Note For the location of the connections for motor cables, see the layout diagrams included on the enclosed customer CD. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Installing The Sim Card Check that you have received all the items specified on the delivery note. Chassis format Higher-output units approximately kW and above are constructed in chassis format. Electronics power supply for measuring system available.

Even at full infeed capacity, no unnecessary heat is generated in the control cabinet. L1 Factory-installed jumper to terminal 6; this jumper must be removed if an external infeed mqnual used. Service Dial Numbers