Abū Nuwās al-Ḥasan ibn Hānī al-Ḥakamī (–), known as Abū Nuwās was a classical Arabic poet. Born in the city of Ahvaz in modern-day Iran, to an Arab. For the first time ever, the khamriyyat – ‘wine songs’ – of Abbasid poet Abu Nuwas will be available in English as complete rhymes; animating. The poet in question was Abu Nuwas, whose historical exploits were later transformed into the almost magical, trickster-like antics of the legendary Abu Nuwas.

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Chiara rated it really liked it Mar 23, No one can understand English or American Literature without familiarity with the King James and other versions of the Bible, the words, phrases, style and stories and themes of which permeate and recur in Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, and a thousand believing and unbelieving authors and works.

Similarly, any understanding of German Literature is impossible without knowledge of the Bible of Luther. He returned to Baghdad in upon the death of Harun al-Rashid.

As his talent makes him difficult to ignore, he is frequently subject to misrepresentation. And flee what is allowed.

Striving after divine illumination in diverse ways, from devout meditation to the ecstatic pleasures of wine, sexuality and the Dervish entrancement of dance, he emphasized a devotion to a spiritualized love that disregards rites and convention and concentrates on inner feeling and approach to the ecstatic infinite.

Contact our editors with your feedback. His feet are well-shod, and under his coat You can glimpse rich brocade.

Refresh and try again. Yet there is also a modern and up-to-date feel about his poetry that makes it ideal for presentation nuwaas an English-speaking readership, some twelve centuries after his death.

There is much cause for weeping here. Golden-hued, abh mingles with water and froth As ab pours from the hand of a slim-waisted beauty, Who resembles a willow branch, flaunting its graceful bearing. Ina crater on the planet Mercury was named in honor of Abu Nuwas. Abu Nuwas is considered one of the greats of classical Arabic literature. Matured for ages in the cask, her flames unrecognised, Her cries, as of the crucified, were truly agonised.


Le Sourire marked it as to-read Apr 10, Poems of Wine and Revelry: View image of The Pleasures of Baghdad extract Credit: Abu Nuwas flits through the Nights as a minor personage in numerous tales.

His waist is a sapling, his face a moon, And loveliness rolls off his rosy cheek I die of love for you, but keep this secret: Read more about Abu Nuwas: Niwas me of new comments via email.

Poems of Wine and Revelry: The Khamriyyat of Abu Nuwas

Thanks for telling us about the problem. His freedom of expression, especially on matters forbidden by Islamic norms, continues to excite the animus of censors. Chennai Dance Music Festival. Vincent Mansour MonteilSindbad, Paris,p.

Literature, a body of written works. The Poetry of Abu Nuwas. Feast your eyes without restraint! All becomes radiantly manifest. Newer Post Older Post Home. However, his poems on wine khamriyyathomosexual love mudhakkarat and ribaldry majouniyyat are his best known and have earned him his notoriety.

Abu Nuwas: the controversial poet and his most beautiful verses

Get on with yourself, and drink a fine vintage instead: It is hard to imagine a finer, more artisticly modernized translation of ancient boy-love poetry than O Tribe That Loves Boys: His verse is laced with humour and ironyreflecting the genial yet cynical outlook of the poet, who spent much of his life in pursuit of pleasure. Usep Nur Falah rated it liked it Dec 04, If you prefer to suggest your own revision of nuuwas article, you can go to edit mode requires login.

Nevertheless, Abu Nuwas was imprisoned when powtry drunken, libidinous exploits tested even al-Amin’s patience. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its nuaws is subject to our final approval. The Essential Guide to World Comics.

Two poems of Abu Nuwas, Islamic poet of male love | Queering the Church

Views Read Edit View history. Regardless of whether one believes or disbelieves in the Koran, equally as in the case of whether one believes or disbelieves in the Christian or Jewish Bible, it is an inescapable necessity for every educated person to read and be familiar with these works as literature if one has any hope of understanding World Literature, Western Literature, Islamic and Arabic Literature, English, French, German, Russian or any national literature of any culture affected by their influence.


In fact, most scholars believe that Abu Nuwas wrote most of his poems during the reign of al-Amin And when he poured the water in, It seemed that, in the froth, I saw the tongues of serpents that Were terrified of death. Mapung Madura marked it as to-read Sep 19, Come right in, boys. The translator decided to keep the rhyme and rhythm, with the predictable results. Hakim cites several charming anecdotes in which the very wit that got Abu Nuwas in trouble in the first place caused the exasperated Caliph to smile and forgive just as he was about to issue the order for the poet’s execution.

Listen pal, he said, go chase some girl. He sports a short tunic over his slender thighs But his shirt is long of sleeve.

Return to Book Page. Thomas Aquinas, for example, gained crucial familiarity with the works of Aristotle through translations into Arabic and then into Latin accompanied by the commentary of the great Muslim Aristotelian scholar Ibn Sina Avicenna. Zonbor then deliberately read the poem aloud in public, and ensured Nuwas’s continuing imprisonment. How I wish he would come Return my greeting. Email required Address never made public. I can’t read a word of Arabic, but the translations are most enjoyable.